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Amy Smith, brand strategist + creative badass

In today's episode, brand strategist Amy Smith offers advice on how to find a tribe, focus on your genius zone, and guide people toward what they want.

Here are a few things you'll learn:

  • What is a “genius zone,” and how can you use yours to your advantage?

  • How you can reduce overwhelm on your website and in your service offerings to help prospects make a decision and book your services.

  • Why Amy uses Facebook groups (not emails) to reach people

  • And more!

Regardless of what our industry or niche is, we’re all providing clarity of some sort and removing overwhelm.
— Amy Smith

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Guest spotlight

Amy Smith

Amy Smith is a brand strategist, website designer, and creative badass. She lives in Georgia with her husband and daughter, but they hope to someday move to California or Canada. Amy says she's, "definitely a Hufflepuff and an ENFP and I'm pretty good at peopling ;)"

Amy has been a graphic and web designer since 2007. She’s also a super low-key photographer. Her genius zone includes building websites and working on a branding vision and strategy for her clients.

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