Mandy Snell, business coach + project manager

In this episode, business coach Mandy Snell tells us more about her experience starting a franchise while retaining an authentic brand, plus she talks about how her project management experience sets her apart and how she overcame imposter syndrome feelings.

Here are a few things you'll learn:

  • What are the differences between coaching and consulting?

  • The problem with taking tons of free courses (hint: you need to take action!)

  • How Mandy set up her business as part of a business coaching franchise, along with the actions she took to make sure her site and business were still personalized and felt like her

  • The advantages to using a franchise to start your coaching business (as well as the disadvantages and how to make sure a specific franchise is the right fit for you).

  • The specific strategy Mandy used to overcome imposter syndrome

  • An exercise Mandy recommends to take a look at the women who inspire you and what you can learn from the trends you find.

  • Mandy recommends The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier to become a better coach, listeners, and networker

  • How Sheryl Sandberg’s books have had an influence on Mandy

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Guest spotlight

Mandy Snell

Mandy is the Managing Director of FocalPoint Business Coaching of Virginia. She is a Business Coach and certified Project Manager who believes that people accomplish more when inspired by a purpose bigger than themselves.

In her own words, “I use my experience as a project manager and former intelligence analyst to help business owners figure out practical ways to improve their businesses, 15 minutes at a time.”

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