Hilary Sutton, writer, speaker, & consultant

The 9 to 5 is evolving.

Working from home is becoming an option for more freelancers or even full-time employees. So this week we’re asking, “What’s it actually like to work from home, and how do you get anything done without getting distracted by cute puppy videos on the internet?”

I worked from home full-time in 2016-2017 alongside 50 other employees at a fully remote company. And people always asked me questions like, “How do you get anything done?” and “What’s does a work from home day actually feel like?” That's why today, we have author and fellow podcaster Hilary Sutton here to help us answer those questions.

By the end of this episode, you’ll learn some of the biggest benefits to working from home, and Hilary’s surprising answer to who she thinks would thrive in a work from home setting. We’ll also address the biggest challenges, like how to stay productive, and we’ll also get into a few specific tools and suggestions to help you live your best work at home life.


What you’ll learn

  • How the need for flexibility in her diverse freelance career allowed Hilary to carve out a schedule that lets her focus and get results.
  • What are the major benefits to working from home? What are the challenges?
  • Who would thrive in a work from home setting? (Is it a better fit for introverts or extroverts?)
  • Ways you can continue to interact with a team, even remotely.
  • How do you structure your day working from home to maximize productivity?
  • Tips for organizing your space to separate your home from your office.
  • Techniques for using your time wisely without being distracted by the internet or other non-work activities.
  • How to use time tracking to further motivate drive and focus.
  • Hilary’s hopes for the future of business.
  • How a “daily vacation” can truly enhance the work from home experience.

Guest Spotlight

Hilary Sutton

Hilary Sutton is a writer, speaker, and consultant, passionate about helping people spend their days in work that is wildly fulfilling. She is the host of the podcast, “Hustle and Grace” and the author of several eBooks and courses including More in Less: 21 Productivity Hacks for Creatives. Hilary has worked with clients ranging from Broadway shows, to nonprofits large and small, creatives of all stripes, and consumer brands. She is a contributor to USA Today where she writes about careers. Hilary and her husband live in the DC metro area. You can connect with Hilary on Facebook and Twitter @hilarysutton, on Instagram @hilary.sutton and on her website at hilarysutton.com.


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