Life doesn’t come with a playbook

But that shouldn’t stop you from figuring things out as you go. Since there’s no Life Answer Key in sight, my goal with Figuring It Out is to help people find answers to their questions without waiting for everything to feel perfect or finished. (Because how can you succeed if you never start?)

Join me (Melissa Guller, Head of Special Projects a Teachable, founder of The Kindling, and reader of #allthebooks) each week as I chat with millennial women who have successfully started online businesses. Our guests share...

  • How they got started

  • How they earned their first dollar

  • How they've overcome challenges along the way

They also share a bit of their unique expertise with listeners, and each episode includes inspiration and actionable tips on starting your business, digital marketing, finding traffic, social media, landing customers, building online courses, and more.

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