Which comes first: audience or product?

After watching thousands of online course businesses launch using Teachable, there’s a big question I keep coming back to.

“When I’m starting something new, should I focus on building a product to sell, or an audience to sell to?”

It feels like a “chicken or the egg” scenario, and I’m sure businesses have taken both approaches. But before we get ahead of ourselves and weigh out the pros and cons, what does it mean to build an audience or a product when it comes to online businesses anyway?

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The problem with task lists (plus, what I do instead)

I think this is a safe space for me to admit this.

I'm alittlebit into productivity.

Ok fine, I’m an addict. I've tried no less than 10 task managers and to-do apps over the years, and at least half a dozen written notebooks and planners. (I'm using a bullet journal and Asana currently, but more on those another day.) I love getting things done, and I’m always on the hunt for new ways to make my life easier.

But here’s the thing. While the apps all do a fine job of capturing tasks and assigning deadlines, they weren’t necessarily helping me get more done in my life. In fact, I often felt more overwhelmed just looking at the expanding task lists I was dealing with.

No, the problem isn’t task management. It’s task prioritization.

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How to write your first blog post

Ok, not the kind of fear I feel when I imagine watching the Saw movies. (NO THANKS.) It's more of a vulnerability or a worry that my blog won't be good enough.

I've held onto this image of the “perfect blog post” for a while. In my mind, I thought the wording needed to be perfect. The topic had to be a perfect reflection of the top SEO trends on the internet. The pacing and storytelling should feel almost effortless as I wow you with words.

….but then I read some other blogs. And I realized that I kind of sort of don’t read them that closely.

But wait wait wait, before you skim this blog post (or leave me because you just found out I’m a terrible skimming sort of human), I have something important to say. Realizing that I skim most blog posts helped me free myself from this impossible ideal I’ve held onto for years. (Yes, years. I had a blog back in 2015 and shut ‘er down, but that’s a story for another day.)

It's freeing to realize that nobody cares a whole ton about my word choice and exactly how I say the things I say. (Except you because you’re brilliant and perfect.)

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