Melissa Guller
Melissa Guller
Podcaster. Teacher. Spreadsheet Whisperer.

Hey! I’m Melissa

marketing manager.

podcast host.

course creator.

~spreadsheet whisperer.~

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Hey! I’m Melissa Guller, and I founded Wit & Wire to help creative, ambitious women like you launch high-quality podcasts that help establish your expertise, build your brand, and share your passions in a personal way.

By day, I’m the Head of Marketing Engagement at Teachable, an online tool that lets anyone create and sell their own online courses. (Think Shopify storefront, but instead of selling physical products, you sell online courses.) I’m also the host of Everything is Teachable, our podcast that takes you behind-the-scenes to learn how everyday creators have transformed their skills and passions into online businesses.

Here’s a little more about me…

Experienced marketing manager.

I’ve managed marketing teams at some of the top education tech companies, including my current role as the Head of Marketing Engagement at Teachable.

Top-Rated General Assembly instructor.

Since 2015, I’ve taught over 100 classes at General Assembly, and I created and built the curriculum for one of their most successful boot camps (Excel Bootcamp). 

Online course creator.

I have over 3,000 students enrolled in my popular online course, “What Great Managers Do Differently.” I also built TeachableU, Teachable’s core training program for course creators. All four courses are rated 4.6+ stars with thousands of active students.

Podcast producer & host.

I’m the creator and host of Everything is Teachable, where we go behind-the-scenes to learn how diverse creators have turned their passions into online course businesses. We hit the charts as the #2 Career Podcast in America, and so far we’ve had 34,000+ downloads within our first 3 months. I also have a podcast called Book Smart about personal development books.

Consultant & side hustler.

In addition to my full-time job, I’ve earned almost $50,000 as a consultant and instructor over the last few years.

In the words of kind peers…

"Melissa is, bar none, the most talented project manager I've ever worked with. She's an absolute rockstar when it comes to empowering and developing her team, dealing with leadership and keeping other departments in the loop. If I ever start my own company she's my first hire."

"A brief list of her attributes would have to include: bright as they come, a great team player, dedicated to excellence in her own and in her team's performance, a very quick learner and a patient mentor. Melissa is creative, kind and has great interpersonal skills. She embodied all the best in being a disruptor: willing to depart from ‘the way we do it’ and suggest the better way to develop advocates and adherents."

Outside of all this hustlin’, I live in Brooklyn and sing in a pop & rock choir.

Oh, and I love ice cream. Even in the winter.